Mondy Financial Services

Good financial advice can provide a range of strategies related to Tax, Superannuation, Personal Insurance, Investments and Aged care financial planning that can greatly benefit your financial future.

Tax Planning

Many strategies exist that allow a person to legitimately save tax. We can see whether these are appropriate for you. We can work with your current accountant (if you have one) to ensure you are paying no more tax than necessary.


Superannuation will grow at a greater rate over time if fees are minimised. We can review the fees you're paying and the investment strategy within your super to make sure its appropriate for you.                                                                                                                                                                      

Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF)

This can be a powerful strategy for some people. We can provide an analysis to see whether this is appropriate for you and advise on the setup, administration and investment strategy should you go ahead. A significant benefit for some people is the ability to purchase property through their Super.

Retirement Planning

We may be able to significantly boost your retirement income with good advice prior to retirement. This could include restructuring your superannuation and advice around aged pension if appropriate.

Estate Planning

You can structure your assets to maximise the benefits to your beneficiaries with good estate planning. Anyone with a “more than usual” complexity in their business or personal relationships should look at more than a ‘simple’ will.

Family Protection Planning

We can do a full review of your insurances and in most cases make significant savings by re-structuring this so you are paying less out of your own pocket.

Mortgage and Lending

Our analysis will ensure you are in the best product for your needs.

We are not owned or licensed by an institution (unlike approximately 80% of financial planners), so you know we’re acting in your best interests……. Always!