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                                              Ever ridden in a car with worn-out shock absorbers?

                                              Every bump is jarring, every corner stomach-churning

                                     and every red light an excuse to assume the brace position.

                                    Owning an undiversified portfolio can trigger similar reactions.

Some clients have been worried about the current downturn in some investment sectors. Thefollowing article by Joim Parker from Dimensional will help you understand that a diversified portfolio will smooth out some of the bumps and make for a smoother ride.

Remember that you’re investing for the long term so a small bump in the road will seem insignificant a long way down the track.



BS in the market.....What gives you returns is what % of Growthy investments (=shares) you are invested. Do you really think one fund manager, one super fund or one indivudual can outpick all others...repeatedly..... over time. I would argue it is just not possible. So many people I see are biased towards their super fund, just because they are in that fund. I would prefer to do a considered analysis and get a non aligned professional opinion on my fund before I keep plowing money into it!


To make a plan for the future, it’s essential to look at what has and hasn’t worked in the past. Whether you're thinking about diversifying your super portfolio, are interested in trying the property market or are keen to play the stock market - making a plan that best reflects your needs and wants is a step in the right direction. Call Adam to find out how to get started - 0431 517 455

He says it should be evident by now that setting your investment course based on someone's stock picks or expectations for interest rates is not a viable way of building wealth in the long term. So the better option is to stay broadly diversified and, with the help of an advisor, set an asset allocation that matches your own risk appetite, goals and circumstances.

Every parent wants the best for their children but kids often won’t listen to the wisdom of your experience, especially when it comes to money. Don't give up! Here are some of the common beliefs and misconceptions kids have about managing money—and how you could get them to take your advice:

On 7 May 2015 the federal government announced changes to the Age Pension assets test (and confirmed this proposed policy in the May 2015 Federal Budget), affecting those retirees receiving a PART Age Pension. Click to read how the stricter Age Pension Test will operate:

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